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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Recap of day 6 in Jodi Arias with photos

Photographs by David Wallace, Arizona Republic

Travis' sister Tanisha gives emotional victim impact statement
@michaelbkiefer  "Today I am 34 years old. I have outlived my older brother."

@jeffgoldesq  Tanisha feels guilty when she has fun. Alienated her husband. Lost faith in god

@SKrafftFox10  Sister of Travis Alexander says she suffers from PTSD and is afraid to take a shower because #JodiArias murdered him

@KatieJConner  Sister of #TravisAlexander shows jurors favorite picture of brother and then says now she can't get the autopsy pics out of her mind

@jeffgoldesq  Tanisha pale white skin has become red with the pain and agony as she describes the pain Travis endured at hand of attacker

@SKrafftFox10  As Travis' sister Tanisha speaks to jurors, we see images of him as motivational speaker on screen and #JodiArias slides down in her seat
Travis' brother Steven goes from heartbreak to anger while giving victim impact statement
@jeffgoldesq  Travis brother Stephen who spoke last time too. Gray suit.  White shirt. Crew cut. Rail thin. He begins with news of the death

@jeffgoldesq  Stephen voice strong modulated. Travis was unbreakable. Why him?

@william_pitts  why him? I'll never get the answers to most of my questions. how much did he suffer? How much did he scream?

@TrialDiariesJ  Steven has to lock door when he showers. He's been admitted to hospital many times for ulcers. He is in a living hell

@william_pitts  If i want to talk to my brother, i have to go to his grave. that's where i celebrate xmas with him

@KatieJConner  #TravisAlexander brother says he will learn to forgive...I will live a better life in the sake of his brothers murder

Picture of Travis shown to jury on big screen. Jodi reportedly watched this monitor intensely 

Jodi Arias day 6

Kirk Nurmi watches as Attorney Chris Moeser representing media outlet argues Stephens' ruling

@SKrafftFox10   defendant's next witness refuses to testify unless courtroom is closed. Judge agrees and we are kicked out of courtroom

@troyhaydenfox10  IMO: Some deal had to have been struck with this witness to keep ID hidden to testify for #JodiArias. Unusual here in AZ

@michaelbkiefer  Alexander's family is still court; Arias' family was ejected. Ironically, the motion came from Nurmi.

@william_pitts @12news and @azcentral are planning to appeal the judge's ruling in the #JodiArias case. Also to get transcript of this witness

@jeffgoldesq  OK so there was a older chubby guy looked like am expert sitting in court. So he's my bet for the secret witness 

Media and public were kicked out for the remainder of the day while this witness testified. 

Court Chatter

Travis Alexander's Family Testifies At Jodi Arias Trial

PHOENIX (AP) — The judge in the Jodi Arias sentencing retrial has barred the public from watching the first witness called by the convicted murderer in her bid to be spared the death penalty for the brutal 2008 killing of her former boyfriend.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sherry Stephens said Thursday that the witness will not testify unless the hearing was closed to the public.

"This was not an easy decision," said Stephens, who declined to reveal the witness' identity.

The judge said her decision to close the courtroom and seal the witness' testimony until the sentencing trial's conclusion is necessary for "the administration of justice."

The discussion among the attorneys and judge over the issue was conducted in private.

Chris Moeser, an attorney for The Arizona Republic, argued that the First Amendment allows reporters to attend the hearing and unsuccessfully requested that a transcript of the witness' testimony be made available promptly.

Stephens allowed the family of victim Travis Alexander to remain in the courtroom.

Arias was convicted of murder last year in Alexander's death, but jurors deadlocked on whether she should be sentenced to life in prison or death. A new jury has been picked to decide her sentence.

Footage of the first trial drew a global following, but Stephens has barred the broadcast of footage from the sentencing retrial until after a verdict is reached.

Arias' lawyers had argued that daily broadcasts of the trial might lead to defense witnesses backing out for fear of being harassed or threatened.

Prosecutors said Arias attacked Alexander in a jealous rage after he wanted to end their affair and planned a trip to Mexico with another woman. Arias has acknowledged killing Alexander but claimed it was self-defense after he attacked her.

Earlier on Thursday, two of Alexander's siblings tearfully described to the jury the devastating effect that their brother's death has had on them.

Steven Alexander described nightmares, ulcers and constant trauma from losing his older brother, including locking the doors when he showers.

"When I lay down at night, all I can think about is my brother's murder," Steven Alexander said as family members could be heard crying in the gallery.

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Aaron Hernandez lawyers say DA lifted venue change words

Attorneys for disgraced former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez — who are set to argue in court today to move his trial — yesterday accused Bristol County prosecutors of lifting long passages of arguments against a change in venue from those used by federal prosecutors in the case against accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

“As one reads the commonwealth’s opposition, it becomes apparent that sentences, paragraphs and indeed entire pages have been reproduced without attribution from the opposition filed by the United States to contest a motion for change of venue that was recently filed in federal court by accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tzarnaev,” lawyers for Hernandez wrote in yesterday’s court filing.

The Bristol District Atttorney’s Office said in a statement: “We do not respond to personal attacks, especially where the very issue before the court is the extent of media sensationalism surrounding the present case. However, it is fair to say generally that parties are required to cite the controlling case authority in court pleadings. To the extent that both the Tsarnaev and Hernandez change of venue motions raise the same basic legal issues, we were required to cite the same Supreme Court cases setting out the governing law as the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Any experienced legal observer would understand that this is a standard practice.”

Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in the June 2013 slaying of Odin Lloyd of Dorchester.

Hernandez’s defense team is in Fall River Superior Court today to try to move the trial to Worcester or Hampden county. In an earlier motion, they cited a poll that found more than 7 in 10 Bristol County residents see Hernandez as “definitely or probably guilty.”

Federal prosecutors managed to keep the Tsarnaev trial in Boston, despite a similar polling effort by his defense team.

Source - Boston Herald
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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

UNH Student's Killer to Admit Attempted Escape from Jail

The man serving a life sentence without parole for raping and killing a University of New Hampshire student will plead guilty to attempted escape from a county jail.

Seth Mazzaglia received the maximum sentence in August for the Oct. 9, 2012, killing of 19-year-old Elizabeth "Lizzi" Marriott of Westborough, Massachusetts.

He was scheduled to go on trial Nov. 3 in Strafford County Superior Court for plotting to escape from the county jail while awaiting trial on the rape and murder charges.
Court officials confirm the 32-year-old Mazzaglia will plead guilty Friday.

Prosecutors say Mazzaglia choked Marriott at his Dover apartment Oct. 9, 2012 after she rebuffed his sexual advances.

A jury convicted him June 27, after hearing 10 days of testimony by Mazzaglia's ex-girlfriend, who witnessed the killing.

Source - necn
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