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Monday, September 1, 2014

Judge Belvin Perry to join Morgan and Morgan law firm

Orlando law firm Morgan and Morgan on Monday announced that former Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Belvin Perry will be joining their ranks in the coming days.   Judge Perry, who gained national recognition presiding over several high-profile cases such as the Casey Anthony murder trial, retired from the bench last month.

FOX 35 spoke with Judge Perry just last week and he was mum on his future plans.   It should not come as a surprise that attorney John Morgan would reach out to hire one of the biggest names in central Florida's legal community.   Morgan has hired former politicians, like former Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp and former Governor Charlie Crist, in recent years.

You may best know Judge Perry as a chief judge of the Orange-Osceola circuit court, but he also spent years as a prosecutor with a reputation for being tough, but fair.

Our partners at the Orlando Sentinel are reporting that Judge Perry will be involved in both trying cases and in business development.

Judge Perry will be hosting a press conference on Tuesday morning at 10 a.m.  He will be discussing his transition from the bench and his plans for the future.

Source: My Fox Tampa Bay
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Friday, August 29, 2014

Judge denies Martin MacNeill a new trial

Judge Pullan has denied the defense's request to throw out the murder conviction of Martin MacNeill stating that many of his claims are "without merit".

On Nov. 9, a jury convicted MacNeill of first-degree felony murder and second-degree felony obstruction of justice in the death of his wife, Michele MacNeill.  Since that time, there has been multiple delays in the sentencing.

In December, he attempted suicide in the county jail by cutting his femoral artery with a razor blade.  Guards found him and he was rushed to the hospital.

In January, defense attorney Randy Spencer filed a motion asking for the sentencing on the murder conviction  be delayed.  In his motion he claimed prosecutors  withheld information from them about inmate testimony.

In February, Spencer told the judge that he was worried about MacNeill's mental competency and an evaluation was ordered.

MacNeill was found competent and stood trial in July on a sexual assault charge against his daughter, Alexis. He was convicted of one count of forcible sexual abuse. Before he could be sentenced on that case, the defense filed a motion to throw out the sexual abuse conviction. The prosecution asked for a delay in the sentencing to give them time to respond.  Read about that case here.

Today, Judge Pullan denied the defense's motion for a new trial on the murder charge. Read the judge's decision here. Source: Ben Winslow, Fox 13

Will Martin MacNeill finally be sentenced?  He still sits in the county jail, not having spent a day at the Utah State Prison.

Juan wants sanctions against Jodi Arias

Juan Martinez has filed a motion for sanctions against Jodi Arias. She has not turned over her witness list as previously ordered. 

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Jenise's accused killer makes brief court appearance

Jenise Wright
Gabe Gaeta, the 17-year-old accused of raping and killing East Bremerton resident Jenise Wright, 6, made a brief appearance in Kitsap County Superior Court this afternoon. (August 28)

Prosecutors say that Gaeta is set for a Wednesday, Sept. 3, competency evaluation at Western State Hospital. Gaeta will be back in court Sept. 12 for another status hearing and potential arraignment.

The status hearing lasted just a few minutes today after Gaeta — in an orange jumpsuit, shackles and a black shirt draped over his head and face — was ushered in by sheriff's office deputies. Prior to Gaeta's first court appearance on August 11, a judge ordered that no photographs be taken of Gaeta's face inside the courtroom, hence the black shirt, which was removed once he sat at the defense table inside court room 271 today.

Gaeta did not speak at today's court appearance. He is being held on $1 million bail and potentially faces life in prison if convicted of first degree murder with aggravating circumstances.

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Source: Bremerton Patriot